Zambia is classified by WHO as a high burden HIV country – 61% of TB patients were HIV positive in 2014.  While uptake of CPT among TB/HIV co-infected patients was high (91%), only 73% of HIV-positive TB patients were on ART.

Improving Provider Compliance

Despite the availability of TB guidelines/standards in high burden TB countries, provider adherence remains a challenge. In most cases, provider adherence to guidelines is not a problem of individual performance, but a problem located in the health system itself – at the political, health services, community, and patient levels.  From 2011 – 2012, TB CARE II conducted multi-country studies in Bangladesh, Zambia, and Kenya to gather information on: (1) Knowledge and skills of providers to provide standard TB services; (2) Providers’ compliance with national and service delivery standards; (3) Existence of systems for maintaining TB service delivery capacity; and (4) TB patients’ perceptions of quality of care received at facilities.  Click here to read the Zambia country report.