Following successful formation of three District TB/HIV committees in Nsanje, Phalombe and Machinga in November, TB CARE II facilitated establishment of four more committees in Mzimba, Mangochi, Neno and Zomba districts. A total of 61 Health Care Workers (45 males, 16 females) participated in the orientation and formation of these committees in the four districts. In Machinga and Balaka the TB/HIV committees conducted their first meetings where they agreed to cascade TB/HIV integration efforts in TB registration centres in these districts. Currently, in Machinga, there are 5 health facilities which have both TB and HIV/ART registration sites, and out of these 5 HF 3 have agreed on integrated TB/HIV services. In Balaka, out of 3 HF 2 have agreed, respectively.  TB CARE II will continue to support these efforts through mentorship and support supervision to ensure successful implementation of TB/HIV integrated services. TB CARE II is implementing these efforts with partners such as NTP, Dignitas, Prison Services, MSF and PIH.