The TB CARE II Project organized a workshop entitled Exploring the promise of improving access and delivery of TB services through insurance-based financing reforms in Bangkok, Thailand from September 18 -20, 2014.  The workshop provided a forum for information sharing and review of current systems for ensuring access to, and provision of, essential TB services and core public health functions in the context of universal health coverage financing reforms in Asian countries. URC collaborated with the World Health Organization offices in Geneva, WPRO, and SEARO, and participants from countries including Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Lao PDR, and India convened to discuss issues related to design and delivery of TB services in the context of health insurance-based reforms and universal health coverage targets.  Among the topics under discussion included the role and functions of the NTP in an insurance-based financing systems and the impact of decentralization; the limitations and potential benefits of health insurance in terms of lowering TB patient costs and the role of other social and health financing mechanisms, vs remaining with a director MOH financed TB program; discussion of the timing and process for phasing in of insurance-based systems and coordination with NTP and existing TB services; payment mechanisms, reimbursement systems and models for effectively engaging TB providers through an insurance-based financing system; and the role and structure of accreditation/ certification and approaches to monitoring quality of TB diagnosis, care and treatment services in an insurance-based system.