The USAID funded TB CARE II Project, along with participants from the USAID TB Program South Africa, ILO, and the TB CARE I Project recently gathered together in Pretoria, South Africa to host a conference focused on improving the response to TB and TB/HIV workplace health in Southern Africa.  The conference brought together about 40 diverse stakeholders, from policymakers to members of businesses and civil society agencies, in the hopes of fostering creative discussions aimed at improving TB and TB/HIV related occupational health services.  These services include prevention, treatment, care, and support services in workplace settings which pose a high risk of TB transmission for employees.

In exciting news, the conference was featured in an article on, an independent online news source based in New Zealand. The article, “Are Healthcare workers Tuberculosis Proof?” highlights several speakers at the conference, including Dr. Dalene von Delft who lost her hearing as a side effect of MDR TB treatment.

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