On October 10-11, 2016, delegates from twenty, primarily low- and middle-income countries gathered at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) conference center in Pretoria, South Africa. The focus of the Germicidal Ultra Violet (GUV) meeting was to provide a voice for various stakeholders to discuss a way forward to operationalize GUV in various countries by bring together the GUV (also known as UVGI) industry, researchers, end users, National TB Program (NTP) representatives, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), funders, and policymakers to discuss how to implement sustainable GUV technology in high-risk TB settings. The further purpose was to develop strategies and agree upon specific actions for further roll-out of GUV in successful practices for TB infection (Transmission) control and prevention.

Those with week immune systems are highly susceptible to developing TB if they come into contact with TB bateria. Healthcare facilities are challenged with treating patients with TB, while simultaneously preventing other ill patients from contracting TB. Technologies, such as GUV, has been adapted to help healthcare systems in protecting their patients from TB. However, technology introduction requires new guidelines, local manufacturers, and experts to maintain it. TB CARE II is working to implement GUVtechnology in high TB burden areas around the world. Click here for GUV fact sheet.