In 2010, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released Guidance on Ethics of Tuberculosis Prevention, Care and Control.  This guidance is meant to address all dilemmas related to the rights of TB patients, the community, TB programmes, and healthcare workers in the management of TB patients.

The purpose of this tool is for programmes to assess themselves on topics covered in the WHO guidelines.  The tool will assist programmes in identifying potential strengths and gaps in the ethical treatment of TB patients.

As part of the pilot testing process, responders noted the benefits of using this tool.  They indicated that the tool is an important refresher for the key components of TB care which can improve patient care, protect the community and families, and change the environment for healthcare workers. However, this is based on full use of the tool, recognizing its findings and a commitment to making changes to existing practices.

This tool contains guided questions about TB control activities on various levels in a TB programme.  There are no correct or incorrect responses.  This instrument can be used to identify ethical issues and help to make decisions on how to address them with current resources.

The tool is also available as PDF and a modifiable Microsoft Word document so that users can change terms that are unfamiliar in their context or add additional information if needed.