Russia is classified by WHO as a high burden TB, HIV, and MDR TB country, with an incidence rate of 84 per 100,000 population in 2014 (approximately 102,340 new cases).  MDR-TB is a huge and growing challenge for Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe/Central Asia Region – an estimated 19% of new and 49% of retreatment cases of TB in Russia in 2014 were MDR TB cases.

PMDT Fellowship Program

A higher morbidity and mortality, long duration of treatment, and general complexities associated with MDR-TB cases, combined with a lack of clinical and programmatic experience among TB practitioners poses significant MDR-TB management challenges. To assist in addressing these critical MDR-TB challenges, TB CARE II offers TB practitioners an opportunity to participate in a yearly PMDT fellowship training in Russia, Lesotho, and Peru.

The MDR-TB epidemic is far from uniform within regions, and each region faces a variety of challenges. In the Russian Federation the breakdown of social safety nets, a growing HIV/AIDS epidemic and high rates of alcoholism combined have triggered a dramatic increase in TB cases, and subsequently, a rise of MDR-TB strains, especially in the prison sector. The PMDT fellowships are tailored to the context in which they are hosted to address the specific needs of the fellows working in these areas.

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