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TB remains a major public health problem in Bangladesh. The country ranks forth in the world for both prevalence of TB and TB mortialities.  It is estimated that about 81,000 people died in 2014 due to TB. In 2014, WHO reported 196,797 TB cases were notified to the national registry, 187,005 of which were new cases. Case notification rate of all forms of TB is low at 53%. Although there is no estimate on the prevalence of childhood TB, it is believed that childhood TB is severely under-diagnosed. MDR TB is an emerging threat in Bangladesh. According to WHO estimates, MDR-TB rate among all newly diagnosed cases is estimated at 1.4%, and among previously treated cases at 22%.

The TB CARE II Bangladesh project is a field support activity funded through the USAID TB CARE II Project, which is a cooperative agreement awarded to the URC led consortium in September, 2010. The project, drawing on the Global Fund and the Government of Bangladesh expert resources, facilitates implementation of strategies to strengthen and expand TB DOTS, Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT) programs, and health systems.

Aligned with National TB Control Programme strategic objectives and USAID/Dhaka strategic framework, the TB CARE II partnership’s activities complement the Global Fund and Government of Bangladesh efforts to strengthen all the components of Stop TB Strategy with a major emphasis on universal and early access to TB services, Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT), and health systems strengthening.

The TB CARE II Project has made significant achievements in fighting against TB in Bangladesh. Key achievements include: improved access to quality TB and MDR-TB Services, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Development of cPMDT Standard Operating Procedures, strengthening of social support services for MDR TB patients and strengthened support systems for the effective delivery of TB services at all levels.

TB CARE II mHealth Background

With the support of the USAID TB CARE II project, the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) in Bangladesh initiated a Community-based Programmatic Management of Drug Resistance Tuberculosis (cPMDT) program to treat DR TB in 2011. The cPMDT program requires an initial 1-2 months of hospitalization for DR TB patients who are then transitioned to community based care, allowing patients to receive DR TB treatment in their own community. After introduction of cPMDT, a large number of DR TB patients are now being discharged after a short stay in hospital. At the community level, these patients continue their treatment under the supervision of specially trained DR TB DOT (directly observed treatment) providers. Treatment for DR TB requires a complex drug regimen which needs to be maintained over years. The TB CARE II project has developed and introduced a TB mHealth application which is designed to support the DOT providers to ensure quality DOT, assist to quickly identify drug related side effects and link patients to treatment, and above all assist in patient management by facilitating documentation of the management procedures. The mHealth application is a web based monitoring tool which allows DOT providers and managers to keep track of services delivered and organize an electronic record of treatment history of the DR TB patients. This system is designed to get input from mobile devices used by the DOT providers (Smart phone) through a GPS enabled mobile application.

News Related to TB and Bangladesh

RFQ: TB CARE II Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment and Engineering Oversight to Site Development Work in Sylhet

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is issued by the TB CARE II Bangladesh project funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by University Research Co., LLC (URC). Interested competent firms are requested to submit most competitive quote for the works detailed under Part B – Statement of Work. The quotes must be submitted in accordance with the instructions as provided below, including all required certifications. Any purchase order or contract issued as a result of this RFQ will be subject to all instructions, certifications, terms and conditions, more

TB CARE II Bangladesh Request for Quotes (RFQ): Site Preparation Work at Sylhet RTRL

Request for Quote (RFQ) for Site Preparation work to install BSL 3 containerized lab at Sylhet RTRL in Chest Disease Hospital (CDH), Balurchar, Sylhet as specified in the attached documents. This RFQ is issued by the University Research Co., LLC (URC) TB CARf, tr Pmject in Bangladesh in collaboration with the National TB Control Progam (NTP) funded by United States Agency for lnternational Development (USAID). Please submit your most competitive quote in accordance with the attached instructions, including all required cetifications. Any purchase order or contract issued as a result of more

TB CARE II Bangladesh Toolkits and Job Aids Available

Toolkits and job aids in Bengali developed by the USAID TB CARE II Bangladesh project are now featured on the USAID K4Health website and are available for download here: read more

TB CARE II at the 45th Union World Conference on Lung Health

TB CARE II is excited to announce we will once again have a significant presence at this year's conference on International Lung Health in Barcelona, Spain from October 28 – November 1, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you at the Booth #27, where information and resources from TB CARE II programs in Bangladesh, Malawi, South Africa, and Vietnam will be on display.  TB CARE II’s focus on building local capacity to implement and scale up quality TB prevention, control, care, and treatment services ties nicely to theme of this year’s event - Community-Driven Solutions for the Next more

TB CARE II Bangladesh Celebrates Its Grantees in New Spotlight

As a component of the project, TB CARE II Bangladesh supports nongovernmental, community based organizations (NGOs) in urban and rural areas with TB case notification rates below the national average to increase detection and management of TB and MDR TB services and to improve community knowledge and awareness of TB and MDR TB. The geographic coverage varied under different waves of grants as indicated in the table below.Since April 2012, TB CARE II has supported 11 grantees for periods of one-to-two years each. Grants are given to local NGOs with a proven track record or interest in more

TB CARE II Bangladesh - Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Laboratory Reagent & Chemical

University Research Co., LLC is the main implementor for the TB CARE II project in Bangladesh, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The goal of the TB CARE II project in Bangladesh is to support the Bangladesh National TB Control Program in the delivery of quality TB and MDR TB services. TB CARE II is planning to strengthen TB laboratories in Bangladesh by providing newer tools. TB CARE II, therefore, is seeking quotations from reputable laboratory reagent & chemicals suppliers. The supplier able to provide maximum coverage at the lowest rate will more

TB CARE II uses mobile banking to aid patients and DOT providers in Bangladesh

By: A N M Al Imran, mHealth Specialist, TB CARE II Bangladesh Mr. Nizamul Islam serves as TB CARE II’s district coordinator in Chittagong district, Bangladesh.  One of his responsibilities is distributing allowances to MDR TB patients and DOT providers in the district.  Through TB CARE II, MDR TB patients receive allowances – small monetary payments – to help them buy extra food to support good nutrition during their treatment.  DOT providers receive allowances to cover the costs of transportation and communication during their follow up visits with patients.  During the early phase of more

Bangladesh World TB Day 2014 Activities

TB CARE II is working throughout Bangladesh to raise awareness of TB among vulnerable groups, including children, urban and rural populations, and low-income populations.  World TB Day 2014 is a great opportunity to disseminate TB messages that specifically target these groups.  For example, to successfully reach children and their parents TB CARE II decided to go where children congregate in large numbers: the two biggest amusement parks in Dhaka, Shishu Park and Shishu Mela.  When families collect their entry tickets to the parks they will receive tickets that say “If you have any more

TB CARE II Bangladesh - Amendment 1 & Response to Questions: RFP for Containerized TB LAB

University Research Co., LLC (URC) through the USAID funded TB CARE II Project in Bangladesh, and in collaboration with the National TB Control Program (NTP), is soliciting proposals to procure a containerized TB Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory for the Sylhet Regional TB Reference Laboratory (RTRL).  This RFP was originally posted on, and on more

TB CARE II Bangladesh: Request for Proposal - Containerized TB Lab

University Research Co., LLC (URC) through the USAID funded TB CARE II Project in Bangladesh, and in collaboration with the National TB Control Program (NTP), is soliciting proposals to procure a containerized TB Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory for the Sylhet Regional TB Reference Laboratory (RTRL).   All questions related to this RFP must be submitted by February 20, 2014 before 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time via email to No questions will be answered over the phone or in person; more