URC Participation at the 48th Annual Union World Conference on Lung Health

"Accelerating Toward Elimination" in Guadalajara, Mexico, October 2017

The Union World Conference on Lung Health continues to be the largest gathering of clinicians and public health professionals, program managers, policymakers, researchers, and advocates working to end suffering caused by TB and other lung diseases. The 48th annual conference, held in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 11-14, 2017, continued this tradition with fruitful discussions, research presentations, and other cutting-edge developments.
This year’s theme – Accelerating Toward Elimination – set the stage for discussions focused on prevention, treatment, care, shorter treatment regimens, new drugs, and isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT). Novel case finding strategies involving mHealth were also prominent. URC continued its annual attendance at The Union World Conference’s 48th iteration with a cohort of 18 staff from both the HQ office and from field offices in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Cambodia, and Vietnam. With a variety of symposium presentations, oral abstract presentations, and poster presentations, the team was able to highlight URC’s achievements under the USAID-funded TB CARE II project and the USAID-funded Tuberculosis South Africa Project.
URC Staff Presence:

  •  Symposium Presentations:
    • TB and Mental Health: Effects of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR-TB) treatment drugs and regimens
      • Mental health aspects of palliative care, presentation by Samson Malwa Haumba
      • Patient-centered care approaches to reduce stigma, presentation by Hala Jassim AlMossawi
      • TB management and the importance of mental health, presentation by Ignacio Monedero 
      • The role of counselling and patient support systems in mitigating mental health consequences of M/XDR TB treatment, presentation by Tamar Gabunia
      • Facilitation of regular patient interaction with SMS based mHealth tools, presentation by A.N.M. Al-Imran
    • Addressing challenges of drug-resistant TB
      • Community-based MDR-TB care: lessons from field implementations in TB CARE II, presentation by Refiloe Matji
      • Integrating new drugs – short treatment regimen in high-burden countries, presentation by Hind Satti
      •  WHO guidelines for the use of new medicines for drug-resistant TB, presentation by Dennis Falzon
      • Bottleneck analysis of the drug-resistant TB continuum of care, presentation by Alexander Moran
      • mHealth tools to support community-based programmes, presentation by A.N.M. Al Imran
      • mHEALTH tools to support community based TB programs-experience from Pakistan, presentation by Riaz Memon
    • Moving towards elimination: test and treat strategies for healthcare workers with TB infection in high-burden settings
      • What we have learned from all the IGRA (Interferon-Gamma Release Assays) studies among healthcare workers in high-incidence countries, presentation by Madhukar Pai
      • Barriers to testing and treating LTBI among healthcare workers in high-burden settings, presentation by Edward Nardell
      • Integrating LTBI within occupational health strategies in South Africa, presentation by Lindiwe Mvusi
      • LTBI test and treat global guidelines, presentation by Soy Ty Kheang
      • Challenges to LTBI testing and treatment implementation in resource-limited settings, presentation by Tamar Gabunia
    • Quality of TB Drugs – Evidence and Policy Action
      • Quality concerns about rifampicin within anti-tuberculosis fixed dose combinations: a summary of the evidence, presentation by Neeraj Kak
      • Strategies for ensuring the Quality of FDCs in National Tuberculosis Programs, presentation by Tamar Gabunia
      • Addressing factors lowering the bioavailability of rifampicin in FDCs and non-FDCs in Southern Africa countries, presentation by Brian Kaiser
      • Evidence gaps and research agenda for monitoring rifampicin bioavailability and pharmacokinetics, presentation by Giorgio Roscigno
      • New approach for routine monitoring of anti-TB drugs through bioavailability and pharmacokinetics studies, presentation by Helen McIlleron




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