TB CARE II Bangladesh Celebrates Its Grantees in New Spotlight


As a component of the project, TB CARE II Bangladesh supports nongovernmental, community based organizations (NGOs) in urban and rural areas with TB case notification rates below the national average to increase detection and management of TB and MDR TB services
and to improve community knowledge and awareness of TB and MDR TB. The geographic coverage varied under different waves of grants as indicated in the table below.Since April 2012, TB CARE II has supported 11 grantees for periods of one-to-two years each.

Grants are given to local NGOs with a proven track record or interest in the area of TB and MDR TB management.  Through the grants program, these organizations have been able to provide TB education, screening and treatment services to formerly unreached or underserved populations.

The full report can be viewed by clicking here: http://tbcare2.org/sites/tbcare2.org/files/TBCareIISmallGrantsSpotlight.pdf or can be downloaded below.