Multi-Drug Resistant TB

In 2014, approximately 480,000 people developed MDR-TB.  3.3% of new cases and 20% of previously treated patients develop MDR-TB.  It was estimated that only 41% of cases were notified that they had MDR-TB in 2014.  In low and middle income countries, access to quality TB services is often limited.  Since the beginning of TB CARE II in 2010, TB CARE II has worked to decrease MDR-TB.  TB CARE II has: held over 6 trainings on MDR-TB, with more than 307 people attending the trainings, sponsored 7 fellows in PMDT Fellowship program, developed over 4 tools and 2 mHealth apps that brought over 396 downloads and were utilized by over 50 patients, and hosted 42 webinars with more than 1300 people participating in the webinars.