March 2014

Article World TB Day 2014

Each year we recognize World TB Day on March 24th, often with a variety of activities leading up to the official date. The global theme for World Theme TB day according to Stop TB Partnership is aimed at bringing attention to the estimated three million TB cases that are "missed" by public health systems each year: “Reach the 3 million. Find. Treat. Cure TB”.

26 Jul 2016 15:32
Article Bangladesh World TB Day 2014 Activities

TB CARE II is working throughout Bangladesh to raise awareness of TB among vulnerable groups, including children, urban and rural populations, and low-income populations.  World TB Day 2014 is a great opportunity to disseminate TB messages that specifically target these groups.  For example, to successfully reach children and their parents TB CARE II decided to go where children congregate in large numbers: the two biggest amusement parks in Dhaka, Shishu Park and Shishu Mela.  When families collect their entry tickets to the parks they will receive tickets that say “If you have any TB pati

21 Mar 2014 16:55
Article New Webinar in March on Pediatric TB
The DR-TB Training Network will be hosting a webinar on best practices for sputum collection for diagnosing TB in children. The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Harausz and Dr. Carlos Perez  Velez of the Sentinel Project on Pediatric Drug-Resistant TB. The webinar includes an 18-minute instructional video followed by a Q&A session. It will be held on March 14, 2014 - registration is now open for the webinar.
Please visit, to register.
10 Mar 2014 12:11
Article The TB Design Roster on
The TB Design Roster is a GHDonline-based tool for identifying TB Infection Control consultants.
10 Mar 2014 12:03
Resource Guide to the Medical Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis
11 Mar 2014 14:25