May 2013

Article Technical Brief: Tackling TB Among Children

The USAID TB CARE II Project recently released a technical brief focused on tackling pediatric Tuberculosis (TB). The brief outlines specific gaps in pediatric TB management, emphasizes which steps should be taken to reduce the number of pediatric TB cases, and outlines the TB CARE II project's specific accomplishments and goals in relation to this subject.

13 Aug 2013 11:37
Story Assessments of Providers Adherence to TB Evidence Based Standards and Guidelines in Bangladesh, Zambia, and Kenya
Despite the availability of TB guidelines/ standards in high burden TB countries, provider adherence remains a challenge. In most cases, provider adherence to guidelines is not a problem of individual performance, but a problem located in the health system itself – at the political, health services, community, and patient levels.
12 Nov 2013 09:18