October 2012

Article National Guidelines for the Management of Tuberculosis in Children

National%20Guidelines%20for%20the%20Management%20of%20Tuberculosis%20in%20ChildrenThe Bangladesh National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP), in partnership with USAID through the TB CARE II project, recently published a set of guidelines meant to assist in the diagnosis and management of TB in children. The guidelines come in response to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Stop Tuberculosis (TB) Strategy.  The Strategy, which ultimately seeks to create a TB-Free world, promotes equal access to care for all people in an effort to reduce the human suffering and socioeconomic burden associated with TB. This document is meant to work in conjunction with existing WHO guidelines to assist in filling a significant gap in knowledge relating to the diagnosis and management of pediatric TB. 

18 Sep 2013 14:56