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Story Press Release: TB CARE II Award

Here is the October 18, 2010 press release for the TB CARE II award to the URC consortium. 

09 Jan 2013 13:51
Story World TB Day is 24 March 2011

STOP TB Campaign 2011

The World TB Day 2011 campaign web site is now live here. This site is sponsored by the Stop TB Partnership.

2011 is the second year of the two-year campaign of the Stop TB Partnership, On the move against tuberculosis, whose goal is to galvanize innovation in TB care and research. 

It is inspired by the ambitious new objectives and targets of the Global Plan to Stop TB 2011-2015: Transforming the Fight-Towards Elimination of Tuberculosis,  which was launched by the Stop TB Partnership in October 2010. This new plan, for the first time, identifies all the research gaps that need to be filled to bring rapid TB tests, faster treatment regimens and a fully effective vaccine to market and, therefore to the people who need them.

09 Jan 2013 15:18
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The USAID TB CARE II Project is designed to serve as a resource for TB service providers and managers worldwide to build TB control systems able to detect cases, support patients through treatment, and improve treatment outcomes, often in the context of increasing rates of TB/HIV co-infection and drug resistance.

14 Feb 2013 13:19
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DOTS represents the best strategy for coordinating TB services within the broader health system, mobilizing wide support at the operational level, reducing TB incidence, and preventing further drug resistance.

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