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TB CARE II Bangladesh: Changing Lives of MDR TB Patients

Improving management of Multi-Drug-resistant TB (MDR TB) is a special focus of the TB CARE II project. It is estimated that there are 3,800 MDR TB cases annually in Bangladesh. A large proportion of these cases remain undetected and untreated, potentially increasing the risk of infection in the community.
It is not possible to combat the threat of MDR TB without a synchronized effort to expand national capacity both for diagnosis and treatment. To this end, the TB CARE II project started two new interventions in 2012. The introduction of Gene Xpert...Read more

FAST TB Infection Control Strategy Core Package

The TB CARE II Project has created a package of infection control strategy materials entitle the FAST TB Infection Control Strategy Core Package.  FAST can be used by health care workers as a job aid, assisting them in focusing in on effective treatment of TB to reduce transmission.  Additionally, policy makers can use the materials in this package as a framework for allocating resources to interventions that will have the greatest impact on reducing TB transmission.

The FAST package is composed of...Read more

TB CARE II - Quality Improvement Handbook for TB and MDR-TB Programs

In recent years, national health programs have expanded their focus to include not only improving access to care, but also improving the quality of care received by patients and communities. As part of quality assurance for many clinical diseases, including tuberculosis (TB),
international and national evidence-based standards and guidelines have been developed. Having explicit standards and guidelines helps ensure high-quality care, better health outcomes, and cost effective treatments. In addition, they provide a reference point for assessing provider or...Read more

TB CARE II Introduces Toolkit to Address Timely TB Case Detection and Treatment

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Media Spotlight: TB CARE II Conference Featured in News Article

The USAID funded TB CARE II Project, along with participants from the USAID TB Program South Africa, ILO, and the TB CARE I Project recently gathered together in Pretoria, South Africa to host a conference focused on improving the response to TB and TB/HIV workplace health in Southern Africa.  The conference brought together about 40 diverse stakeholders, from policy makers to members of businesses and civil society agencies, in the hopes of fostering creative discussions aimed at improving TB and TB/HIV related occupational health services.  These services include: prevention,...Read more